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My Oct. 14 Surgery and Secret Stalker – Chiari Malformation

My Secret Battle of with Chiari Malformation, a Health Stalker Continue reading

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America Needs Another Jonas Salk–Happy 100th Birthday Dr. Salk

Today, October 28, is the 100th birthday of Dr. Jonas Salk, whose 1955 polio vaccine eventually eradicated this crippling disease in the United States. Google is saying thank you to Dr. Salk today through their search engine doodle.  Between 13,000 and 20,000 polio cases occurred … Continue reading

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An Ebola-like Disease that Evacuated the Nation’s Capital and Changed the Presidency

Oct. 24, 1793, Philadelphia “The managers report that they have received six men and buried four men in the last twenty-four hours,” recorded the secretary for the committee combating yellow fever in Philadelphia. Yellow fever, an Ebola-like epidemic, struck Philadelphia, … Continue reading

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Is Ebola the Modern-Day Yellow Fever? Medical Similarities and Differences

As of today, 4,493 people have died from Ebola, according to the World Health Organization. Two Dallas-area nurses, who treated a now-deceased infected patient who came to Texas from Liberia in West Africa, are hospitalized with the disease. A similar number of … Continue reading

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