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Why is Simcoe’s desire for love a secret behind AMC Turn’s Success?

“I’m a warrior, yes, but I am not a monster. There’s a heart beating inside me that wants the same thing you do. To love. To be loved,” British Captain John Simcoe said to Anna Strong on a recent episode of … Continue reading

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Valley Forge on AMC’s TURN. Where is Waldo?

Valley Forge is one of the settings of this season’s AMC’s hit show, TURN. A recent episode featured a scheme involving a threat against George Washington to take place in December 1777 before New Year’s Day in 1778. The timing of New Year’s Day reminded me of stories about … Continue reading

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Giving while Grieving–Jackie Kennedy’s Christmas Print, 1963

On the morning of November 22, 1963, the art director for Hallmark Cards in Kansas City mailed 200 prints of a water color of the White House Green Room to Jackie Kennedy at the White House. The boxes arrived at a Washington D.C. airport … Continue reading

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How did Calvin Coolidge Save $500 by Lighting the First National Christmas Tree?

President Calvin Coolidge was known as Silent Cal, thrifty with his words and also thrifty with his pocketbook. Because he didn’t want to spent the extra $500 to install a button at the White House to turn on the lights for the first … Continue reading

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A Rock and Roll White House Christmas – Elvis and Nixon, 1970

Elvis Presley’s photograph with President Richard Nixon is the most requested photo from the National Archives. The unusual pair met during Christmas week in 1970. Chided by his father about spending too much money on Christmas gifts, including “more than $100,000 for … Continue reading

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What gift did John Quincy Adams give America on Dec. 24? Peace on Earth

Exactly 200 years ago on Dec. 24, 1814, John Quincy Adams gave Americans the best Christmas gift he could possibly give to a nation at war: a peace treaty. “I consider the day on which I signed it as the happiest … Continue reading

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The Sergeant Who Saw the Remains of Saddam Hussein and Made an Ethical Choice

On Veterans Day this week, Robert O’Neill spoke about shooting Usama Bin Laden and the mission behind it. O’Neill relayed his story to Peter Doocy of the Fox News Channel. Hearing O’Neill’s story reminded me of an ethical choice made by Sergeant Joseph … Continue reading

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