Dec. 25-26, 1776. Henry Knox writes his

Dec. 25-26, 1776. Henry Knox writes his wife about crossing the Delaware River under George Washington’s orders. “Accordingly a part of the army, consisting of about 2,500 or 3,000 passed the river on Christmas night, with almost infinite difficulty, with 18 field-pieces. The floating ice in the river made the labor almost incredible . . . However, perseverance accomplished what at first seemed impossible . . . We entered the town with them pell-mell.”

About Jane Hampton Cook

Author Jane Hampton Cook is known for making history memorable and relevant to today’s news, current events, and modern-day life. A frequent guest on the Fox News Channel and other outlets, Jane is the author of eight books, including American Phoenix, America's Star-Spangled Story, and Stories of Faith and Courage from the Revolutionary War. Jane is also a former White House webmaster. She lives with her husband and three young sons in Fairfax, Virginia.
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