July 9, 1776, George Washington’s men i

July 9, 1776, George Washington’s men in New York tear down the statue of King George III after they hear a reading of the Declaration of Independence, which details the king’s abuses: The king has a “history of repeated injuries and usurpations” and “kept among us, in times of peace, standing armies without the consent of our legislature.” He is a tyrant for “cutting off our trade with all parts of the world: for imposing taxes on us without our consent.” He took away “our charters, abolishing our most valuable laws, and altering fundamentally the forms of our governments.” revolution240.com http://ow.ly/i/eqy0j

About Jane Hampton Cook

Author Jane Hampton Cook is known for making history memorable and relevant to today’s news, current events, and modern-day life. A frequent guest on the Fox News Channel and other outlets, Jane is the author of eight books, including American Phoenix, America's Star-Spangled Story, and Stories of Faith and Courage from the Revolutionary War. Jane is also a former White House webmaster. She lives with her husband and three young sons in Fairfax, Virginia. http://www.janecook.com http://www.amazon.com/American-Phoenix-Quincy-Louisa-Independence/dp/1595555412/ref=pd_bxgy_b_img_y
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