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What did Providence mean in 1776? What will it mean on TURN tonight?

Providence is the name of Episode 8 in Season 2 of AMC’s TURN, airing tonight, Memorial Day. Today, Providence often means good luck. During the American Revolution, Providence was “a firm belief of God’s universal presence, and a constant attention to the influence and … Continue reading

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What is a revolution? The heart of AMC’s TURN

“You don’t really believe in the king, you just believe the king is the safest bet. You need to choose between your pride and your family,” Mary Woodhull recently said in a confrontation with her father-in-law, Richard Woodhull, on AMC’s Turn, which … Continue reading

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Why is Simcoe’s desire for love a secret behind AMC Turn’s Success?

“I’m a warrior, yes, but I am not a monster. There’s a heart beating inside me that wants the same thing you do. To love. To be loved,” British Captain John Simcoe said to Anna Strong on a recent episode of … Continue reading

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Valley Forge on AMC’s TURN. Where is Waldo?

Valley Forge is one of the settings of this season’s AMC’s hit show, TURN. A recent episode featured a scheme involving a threat against George Washington to take place in December 1777 before New Year’s Day in 1778. The timing of New Year’s Day reminded me of stories about … Continue reading

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A name of distinction: Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, announced today the name of their infant daughter: Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, I immediately thought of another Princess Charlotte, the one who would have been queen instead of Queen Victoria. I first … Continue reading

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American Phoenix is .99 on Kindle #Flash

American Phoenix is .99 on Kindle #FlashSale

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