Union Jack to get a Face Lift?


In my book, America’s Star-Spangled Story, I compared the appearance of the United States flag with the British flag, the Union Jack. If Baltimore’s Fort McHenry had been captured by the British military on September 14, 1814, Maryland attorney Francis Scott Key might have seen a Union Jack by the dawn’s early light instead of the broad stripes and bright stars of the U.S. flag. If he had seen the UJ of the UK, he wouldn’t have penned The Star-Spangled Banner, which is now the U.S. national anthem.

Two hundred years later in 2014, the Union Jack is facing a face lift, potentially losing its white stripes and blue background, at least symbolically, if the people of Scotland vote to withdraw from the United Kingdom of Britain.

The Union Jack combines the crosses of England and Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, to show centralized royal power. Running across the center is a broad red stripe, which represents the single sovereign reigning over them.

About 4.3 million Scots are expected to vote soon on whether to withdraw from the United Kingdom. Though polls show the vote too close to call—within 2 percentage points—voting for independence would be historic.

Scotland became part of the United Kingdom 307 years ago in 1707, when the Act of Union joined these independent kingdoms into Great Britain. When Queen Elizabeth I died in 1603 without an heir, the throne of England passed to her cousin’s grandson, James VI, who was king of Scotland. He led Scotland and England as independent states with separate parliamentary and judicial systems until the Act of Union joined their governments.

Jane Hampton Cook is the author of America’s Star-Spangled Story and American Phoenix and six other books. http://www.janecook.com/books.htm

About Jane Hampton Cook

Author Jane Hampton Cook is known for making history memorable and relevant to today’s news, current events, and modern-day life. A frequent guest on the Fox News Channel and other outlets, Jane is the author of eight books, including American Phoenix, America's Star-Spangled Story, and Stories of Faith and Courage from the Revolutionary War. Jane is also a former White House webmaster. She lives with her husband and three young sons in Fairfax, Virginia. http://www.janecook.com http://www.amazon.com/American-Phoenix-Quincy-Louisa-Independence/dp/1595555412/ref=pd_bxgy_b_img_y
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